Sponsorship Levels

Note: Each sponsorship level includes the benefits of all lower levels.

Contributor ($0 – $199)Your name or your company’s name is placed on our website
Bronze ($200-$499)Your name or your company’s name and logo is placed on our website.
Silver ($500-$999)Your name or your company’s name is placed on our team T-shirt.
Gold ($1000-$2499)Your name or your company’s name is placed on our robot.
Platinum ($2500-$4999)Your name or your company’s name is reported as a Major Sponsor; company logos are placed on T-shirt.
Signature ($5000+)Your name or your company’s name is prominently displayed on robot, T-shirts, and sponsor banners.

10 Ways Sponsors Can Help the Hudson Hybrids

  1. Donate materials for the robot.
  2. Supply robot services: machining, welding, etc. help.
  3. Provide engineering/technical mentors for a team. Any level of involvement is welcome.
  4. Supply a meal (food) for the team during January and February (build season).
  5. Donate T-shirts or banners, or provide discount on items.
  6. Donate non-technical mentors or items for the team, Includes areas such as publicity, graphic design, web designing/hosting, and transportation to competitions.
  7. Donate food and/or beverages for the competition weekends.
  8. Donate services, products or coupons to use in a raffle,
  9. Provide employment opportunities for team members.
  10. Attend the competitions to support the team.

If you want to help supply our team and buy essential parts for our operation and robot, then you can visit our Amazon wishlist to see what we need.

Running an FRC team is expensive. On top of funding needed to construct our robot, annual registration costs our team $5,000. Therefore, your support is vital to the success of our team, and we are thankful for all that you can contribute.