Leader: Matthew Taylor

What We Do

  • Program the robot to follow robot drivers’ commands
  • Program autonomous robot functionality
  • Work with the electrical team to configure sensors and other electrical components

Useful Links

Robotics Programming Guide

When going through this guide, I strongly encourage you to run (and play around with) most of the provided example programs on your computer to make sure you understand how the programs work.

Learning to program takes lots of time and practice, so I’ve also included some challenge problems at the end of most sections in this guide. At the very least, try these problems out! No one can successfully learn to program without ever writing code.


  1. Hello World → Conditionals (Complete by 10/8)
  2. Loops → Strings (Complete by 10/22)
  3. Functions → References (Complete by 11/5)
  4. Classes and Structures → Namespaces (Complete by 11/19)
  5. The Preprocessor → Command Line Arguments (Complete by 12/3)
  6. All Advanced C++ topics (optional)

To work on programming our robot, you must have passed at least checkpoint five.

Website Development

Below are links to some HTML/CSS demo programs. If you’re unsure of how something works, feel free to mess around with the code a bit (you may need to first create a account).