FRC Overview

Welcome to FRC! If you didn’t know by now, FRC stands for the FIRST Robotics Competition. You can find lots of information and resources about the competition on their website.

Competition Structure

At the beginning of January, FRC teams are told what the year’s game will be. Then, teams have about two months to build and program a robot to perform certain tasks in that game.

At the regional competition, every match consists of two “alliances” (one blue and one red) that compete against each other, each alliance consisting of three teams. Competitions begin with many qualification matches that determine which teams will compete in the playoffs. After qualification matches, the top teams select two other teams to play with them in the playoffs, which last until one alliance is deemed the champion. That alliance then moves on to the world competition.

Because teams compete in many matches per competition, you often end up playing with some team in one match and against that same team in another match. Competitions are structured this way to bring about a spirit of “coopertition,” the mix between competition and cooperation.

Here’s a video showing how last year’s game was played:

And here’s a video from a competition last year: