So far, all of our programs have been run in the boring, black and white command line. What if we wanted to use graphics in our programs?

For this, we can use the C++ library called SFML. The word “library,” if you’re not familiar, just means that it contains a bunch of code we can use to make our lives easier. For example, seemingly simple things like drawing a triangle and creating a window for drawing graphics usually take a lot of code in C++. With SFML, they only require a few lines of code. Here, you can find 16 small games someone made using SFML and C++.

To get started, I recommend using SFML’s own tutorial here. If you’re programming on a Windows computer, I recommend starting at SFML and Visual Studio (you’ll need to download Visual Studio Community 2019 here and download the 2017 version of SFML here). If you’re using macOS, I recommend starting at SFML and Xcode (macOS). Unfortunately, SFML cannot be used on iPads or Chromebooks.

For this checkpoint’s project, try creating something with SFML!